Management Innovation

Management Innovation
Sunthone puts many PCB prototype and sample jobs on one panel, and produces them together. And our experienced management team keep the management and production cost under controlled. These advantages provide enough profits to Sunthone, as well as greatly reduce customer’s purchase cost.
Management Innovation
Sunthone works with customers to reduce their purchase cost, by its rich experience in management and manufacture, maximized utilization of materials and facilities, and well-trained operational workers. Sunthone’s price can be as low as 20% only of some other competitors on some cases.

Competitive Price

Management Innovation Raw Material Utilization Rate Facilities Utilization Rate Labor Efficiency
Sunthone 100% 100% 95%
Competitors 50% 30% 50%
Values Maximized raw material utilization reduces the material cost greatly, and enables Sunthone to use better raw materials. Maximized facilities utilization improves Sunthone’s production efficiency and shorten the lead time. High labor efficiency reduces labor cost, and enables Sunthone to provide better training and welfare for the workers.
Customer Benefits Better quality with better raw materials. Saves valuable time and money for customer. Well trained and efficient worker improves quality and lead time.

Perfecting Quality

Sunthone employs and develops a team of experienced management directors and efficient production workers, with its sustainable development, career planning, advanced training-system and satisfactory welfare for all staff. On the other hand, Sunthone strives to improve quality and lead time through management and technology innovation.

Competitive Price Competitive Price Competitive Price Competitive Price Competitive Price Competitive Price

Management Process

Management Process

Plan must consider its applicability, especially it's time surface, production managers often face a problem: the plan should be far, obviously, planning cycle is longer, the decision material the less reliable. Short of the recommended plan is easy, because the information accessible and reliable, but sometimes often for easy and ignore these daily work plan or interim plan. Usually long range plan by the higher classes management protocol, the requirements of the material is concise, Interim plan to intermediate above management personnel to undertake, and short-term plans by the foreman or similar levels of people responsible for. Design proposed criteria include the following number:

1. Set a goal: By the general manager of the board of directors and the goal is to work together, it is the future business development index, all assignments comprehensive degree, scale, financial, production, market target decision in the levels of decision based on.

2. Protocol policy: Policy is to complete the set target work guiding principle, not only should have consistency and harmonic sex.

3. Establish the action plan: Action plan is the best way to achieve your goals and practice, in the established policies, work out the reasonable job order, that can achieve organizational goals.

4. Develop program: Including human, financial, material, factors such as things arranged in a certain time schedule, and weave a orderly measures can accurately completed action plan. Inventory records maintenance degree, the degree of purchasing and production management is the important procedures, generally speaking, the need to follow the procedure to deal with all kinds of services, the low level of organization.

5. All kinds of regulations In the production activities in some decisions are some forced restriction, to carry out the policy of the company

Why Sunthone

Why Sunthone

Free DesignFree Design

What we do better than our competitors?

We allow multiply different boards to be panelized on one panel! This is the feature our customers most appreciate.

Some other manufacturers would charge you setup charges for every of your design or will not allow you to put different boards on same panel, because they want to charge you more for the same work they do. Anyway they would panelize all customer's designs to run them together on their line even you pay setup charges for each of your design.

We are fair to our customers - you pay for your panel area and we allow you to put as many boards on your panel as you need.

And of course we later on separate the different boards from the panel free of charge according to your instructions.