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Sunthone 10 Years’ Anniversary

Date:2015-07-13 From: Back to list

Sunthone 10 Years’ Anniversaryunthone proudly marks the celebration of 10 years in business. As a competent player in PCB industrial, Sunthone offers high quality PCB products to all customers, and its business expands to PCBA whole set solutions. During the last decade, Sunthoen is always building high quality printed circuit boards, providing satisfactory assembly services, creating strong relationships among our valued customers, suppliers and employees.

Although focused on the future, Sunthone tries not to forget how far it has come in 10 years. To continue its growth pattern in an increasingly competitive market, Sunthone understands the need for exceptional people, innovative technologies and equipment, as well as the flexible engineering and sales support customers have come to associate with Sunthone.

It has not always been easy over the last 10 years, as every industry has its challenges. But with the support of our employees, suppliers and customers we have continued to grow and thrive. We look forward to serving our customers for many more years to come. And we believe that the better future is waving to Sunthone, our employees, suppliers and valued customers!